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Help’s a business to grow from zero to hero, using SEO Analysis, UI & UX Design, and conventional method. Learn and See My Journey Through Future!

Abung Studio BG

Ongoing Project!

To see my project and be part of the history. I write a good story about how my business grow from ZERO, delivered by unique plot. A lot of decision making occur, you can get a valuable lesson from my experience, and apply to the business model that you created! get ready for the adventure of creating business from a thin air!

7 Cotton

The 7 Legends!

Start it with 7 people who has same motivation, idea, and dedication to create an apparel company. Those 7 people who has a greate concept for the business. Creating uniqe 7 along the name. It's just a story! Maybe started with 1 person who has 7 mind, who knows, right?
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White-brown Gold!

2 person accidentally colide. The first guy is an inventor of white-brown gold, and the other is a risk taker. These people plan to penetrate the market, no matter how big the competitor is! The adventure of conquer the big unicorn, or we can say "conquer yourself" first!
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Cooming Soon!

Relax, coming very soon!

About Me

Hi, I’m Qodri Muhamad or usually called as Odie or Abung. I am passionate about Economy subjects, especially Fintech and I’m looking forward to learn more and deeper about many things from different perspectives. I run this blog to enhance my skills, to share, and to motivate my self to go even further!

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A-Share is a program created by Abung Studio to share a valuable information about economics! Like people say, sharing is caring. My majority in economy encourage me to make a content about economics, especially in fintech, Islamic economics, and stock exchange! also this is the way to train my self. The format will be a light talk about hot issue and i will put some data from previous research, you may request a content as you like, through this section!

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